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our products have been recently recognized with CE 1504/LOA certification.

90 years of production

Laboratorio Prodor is present in the cheese-making market since 1934.

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Laboratorio Prodor is present in the cheese-making sector since 1934 with the following product offer:


  • Liquid calf rennet for fresh cheeses
  • Powder calf rennet for seasoned cheeses
  • Paste calf rennet to process buffalo milk, goat cheese, and to make fresh cheese like mozzarella, crescenza, stracchino, Robiola, toma
  • Paste baby goat and lamb rennet for a pleasantly spicy cheese
  • Liquid vegetable rennet "Galium" to make cheese for vegetarians needs
  • Yeast neutral lactase, to make lactose free cheese for intolerant people
  • Ricolat - salts to produce soft and sweet cottage cheese (in Italy it is called Ricotta)
  • Dried lactic cultures (starters) for yogurt and for each type of cheese
  • Vegan starters and moulds for making vegan alternatives to classic cheese
  • Moulds for cheese to produce Roquefort, gorgonzola, stilton, camembert, brie and many more
  • Black charcoal powder (detoxifier)
  • Enzymes for sausages
  • Powder for panna cotta, vanilla and chocolate
  • Granular and liquid lysozyme
  • Liquid smoke for cheese
  • Anti-mould - to kill or inhibit the growth of mould
  • Sodium hydroxide and phenolphthalein to acidimeters
  • Spices for cheese (red chili pepper, black pepper, pink pepper)
  • Thermometers, pH meters, Forms and moulds to shape all kind of cheeses and ricotta, round, squared, cylindric and hearth-shaped

Moreover, we launched a new line of vegan products


After extensive researches and analysis, at Laboratorio Prodor we used our century-long experience in the cheese making sector to discover new innovative techniques, and in doing that we put all our hearth!

We proudly launched a new line of vegan starters and moulds to produce fermented plant-based matrix that are comparable in taste and consistency to typical Italian cheeses.

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From milk to cheese the most natural way goes through our products

We have obtained CE 1504/LOA certification

Our production site and our raw materials are regularly checked by the Italian FDA. To ensure that our products are compliant with European regulations and with the highest quality standards, every production batch is analysed at an external analysis lab, specialized in biochemical and bacteriological analysis.

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