At Laboratorio Prodor we produce edible anti-mould for cheese treatment. It is a white liquid that is suitable for surface treatment of edible rind cheeses. It is produced following the disciplinary of food additives regulation.

For a correct use it is recommended to use the product on a perfectly dry rind and to store the treated cheese in a well-ventilated environment not polluted by moulds.

It is essential that the cheese to be treated is not sweaty because in this case the anti-mould will not adhere evenly; even after treatment, it is necessary to check that the cheese does not sweat, as the droplets of fat can incorporate the anti-mould and deactivate it, and the fatty substance can exert a thermoplastic action with the effect of gluing to the cardboard packaging.

The product must be kept tightly closed in a dry and cool place. Before and during use, the product must be shaken in order to keep the ingredients active.

The cheese shelves must be periodically cleaned and disinfected; the ideal cheese storage shelves are in steel or washable plastic material.

At the end of the treatment, it is recommended to filter the leftover product with a fine steel wire mesh or plastic material and pour it into a new container with a closure cap to protect the anti-mould from bacterial attacks. The duration of this recovery solution does not exceed two weeks as both exposure to the air and the residues of the treated cheeses weaken the effectiveness of the anti-mould.

It is recommended to store the product at room temperature. Do not freeze.