Freeze-dried Cheese and Yogurt starters

Fermenti lattici liofilizzati per formaggi e yogurt

Freeze-dried Cheese and Yogurt starters

At Laboratorio Prodor we produce selected, concentrated and freeze-dried lactic bacteria cells characterized by good acidification, high heat resistance and excellent proteolysis.

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We produce cultures and starters for all kind of cheese and yogurt, to best fit the needs of the cheese makers. Our starters are packed in bags, whose dosage is personalized based on our customer needs (from 10 litres of milk to 5 tons of milk).

We guarantee the highest quality standards and the richest organoleptic composition in our starters production.

The freeze-drying process and packaging in a sterile atmosphere guarantee the inalterability of the starters throughout all the shelf life any beyond, if properly stored. The product is suitable for ambient transportation. After arrival, store at +4°C. All products made at Laboratorio Prodor do not contain GMO, according to European regulation.