Liquid animal rennet

Liquid animal rennet: MIR - VAR - FUR

Animal rennet Cagliodoro 100g
Liquid animal rennet Cagliodoro 250g
Liquid animal rennet Cagliodoro 250g
Caglio animale liquido Cagliodoro 1000g

Liquid animal rennet MIR - VAR- FUR

Liquid animal rennet produced at Laboratorio Prodor is extracted from suckling calf abomasum and it contains high level of chymosin

MIR rennet gives great results in the preparation of typical Italian cheeses (mozzarella, asiago, pecorino….) and for all cheeses whose taste should be preserved overtime without significant changes.

VAR and FUR rennet are preferred for mid and long aging cheeses, whose taste should improve overtime.

The milk-clotting power of liquid animal rennet is 60/100/120/150/200 IMCU. The dosage depends on IMCU power.

The product is suitable for ambient transportation. It should be kept refrigerated at +4°C. It doesn’t lose milk-clotting power over time. All products made at Laboratorio Prodor do not contain GMO, according to European regulation.