Once upon a time …

How we started

Our first rennet analysis lab

Old wooden vats containing rennet

Rennet filtering and purifying machinery

An advertisement from 1942 on one of the most famous magazines at that time. Laboratorio Prodor produces products for cheese making industry since 1934.

It started the production in a rural country house transformed into a laboratory, located in the surroundings of Bobbio, a cosy Medieval town in the northern part of Italy.

In 1992 the production plant and the headquarter moved to Mezzano Scotti, a small village near Bobbio, where the production activity continued and expanded furtherly.

From a small local production factory, it became overtime one of the most important Italian industries producing rennet and starters and it developed its business abroad,
exporting all over the World its high-quality standard rennet and premium starters.