Calcium Chloride

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Calcium chloride is a natural additive that helps increasing cheese yield.

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Calcium chloride is the calcium salt of hydrochloric acid. Pasteurization and homogenization process often weaken the content of calcium in the milk. Calcium chloride helps to have a better curd when milk has low protein content. Adding calcium chloride together with rennet helps to restore the calcium content of the milk and to get a higher cheese yield.

Calcium chloride is ready to be used. Add 50 to 100 grams each 100 litres of milk, before adding the rennet.

This product doesn’t require cold chain transportation. Store in original packaging in a cool, dry and dark place. The product shouldn’t be stored in a cold enviroment, to avoid risk of crystallization.

Calcium chloride (E509).

Tecnichal sheets and production flow charts available upon request.