Ricolat – salts for ricotta cheese

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RICOLAT is a coadjuvant made by organic mineral salt that helps to produce excellent ricotta cheese. Packaging: 1 kg.


RICOLAT is a coadiuvant that helps to collect all the remaining proteins in the liquid whey remaining after cheese production. With this coadjuvant it is possible to produce excellent ricotta cheese. RICOLAT can also be added directly into the milk to produce a creamy ricotta cheese with excellent flavour.

Dissolve RICOLAT in chlorine-free hot water and stir carefully. Heat the whey at 75-82° C and pour RICOLAT dissolved in water while stirringy. The whey sound’t be too acid: ideal acidity is between 2 and 2,4 Sh or pH between 6,2 and 6,4. Keep stirring and bring the temperature to 88-90° C. Ricotta cheese will start to clot. Collect all the ricotta cheese with a scoop and place it into the cheese form to shape it.

This product doesn’t require cold chain transportation. Store in original packaging in a cool, dry and dark place.

Food grade organic salt mixture: Calcium (Ca), Sodium (Na) and Magnesium (Mg).

Tecnichal sheets and production flow charts available upon request.