Starter cultures for cheese production

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Cheese starter cultures and enzymes

Technical sheets and production flowchart available upon request.

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Starter cultures made by Laboratorio Prodor are selected strain of bacteria that can be used in cheese making to obtain exceptional results. They can be used together with rennet, or alone. They give to the curd the right acidity and pH level. Cheese starter cultures made by Laboratorio Prodor can be used to make the vast majority of Italian, French, Russian, Greek, English and Spanish cheeses.


Warm up the milk at 40/42° C for thermophilic cultures or at 28/30° C for mesophilic cultures; pour the starters into the milk, stir well for a few minutes and add rennet at 38° C. Follow the steps for cheese making production and aging.


Store at +4° C.

This product doesn’t require cold chain transportation. Store at +4°C after delivery.
The freeze-dry process and the sterile packaging ensure the cultures are stable until expiry date, if properly stored according to recommendations.