Vegetable rennet Galium ®

Vegetable rennet Galium ®

Caglio vegetale Galium 500g
Caglio vegetale Galium 1000g

Vegetable rennet Galium® is produced extracting enzymes from different plants, mainly from thistle Cynara Carduncolus, which are meshed, soaked and filtered to obtain a liquid rennet that is optimal in the production of cheese for vegetarians needs, as it doesn’t contain any animal enzyme.

Likewise traditional rennet, our vegetable rennet Galium®contains high rate of milk-clotting enzymes, which produce enzymatic degradation of k-casein, micellar flocculation and ultimately gel formation into cheese.

Together with the University of Piacenza, we made several analysis and trials and we developed a product that has the same milk-clotting power as animal rennet.

Vegetable rennet Galium® gives to the cheese the same taste, flavour and structure as the cheese produced with animal rennet.

The milk-clotting power of vegetable rennet Galium® is 60 IMCU. The dosage is 100 grams of rennet for 100 litres of milk.

The product is suitable for ambient transportation. It should be kept refrigerated at +4°C. It doesn’t lose milk-clotting power over time.

All products made at Laboratorio Prodor do not contain GMO, according to European regulation.